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Defi insurance's innovative financial win-win insurance

insurance's innovative financial win-win insurance

GBIT block win-win insurance is an innovative financial win-win insurance based on blockchain + insurance. GBIT win-win insurance is also the world’s first 5-minute high-frequency insurance. Based on the blockchain insurance algorithm built on the bottom of the global mature public chain, it creates an unchangeable The insurance claims data on the chain realizes the development of innovative smart contracts for insurance and claims. Each stored block is associated with the previous block in the same chain. The data is stored in the blockchain using a hash function with a date and time stamp. The digital fingerprints created on the Internet are registered, which realizes the complete transparency of all participating insurance claims history records, and reaches an unalterable consensus on the block of the blockchain smart contract. Investment, dividends, and decentralized process of claims settlement.

GT Insurance Group was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Palau Pacific. It is a leading comprehensive insurance group in the Pacific. The company adapts to any type of insurance. GT Insurance aims to become the “leader in the development of blockchain digital insurance in the industry”, and is always oriented by customer needs, focusing on the main insurance business, doing fine insurance expertise, innovating insurance products and services, and improving customers Experience, value continues to grow, and strength continues to increase. It has been continuously selected by "Pacific Fortune". GT Insurance Group actively serves the real economy and people's livelihood protection, insurance protection, and covers different projects in different countries and regions. At the same time, it participates in the construction of a multi-level medical system, responds to the challenge of population aging, supports blockchain digital insurance, helps the development of small and micro enterprises, implements investment projects with social and environmental benefits, and escorts the development and improvement of people's livelihood and welfare.

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