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GT Insurance launched the next-generation Defi cryptocurrency.

GT Insurance launched the next-generation Defi cryptocurrency in March 2021.

This invitation-only program is designed to reward community members who help build better GT insurance.

GT Insurance has launched an invitation-only collective dividend insurance plan, providing airdrops, community rewards, and more.

The Vanguard program will provide a hundred early adopters (Spearheaders) with an opportunity to earn governance tokens (GBIT) by collecting community rewards and winning valuable rewards, as they help improve DAPP, collect generous rewards for betting and win victory. Challenges and tasks brought by airdrops. To register for the opportunity to become a Pioneer, please visit the Gian Insurance app to learn more about the program and submit your application.

Co-founder Sean (Sean) said: With the promotion of the community, we are very happy to be able to participate in this version so that they can get rewards, which can help us develop better

It is planned to issue 30 million GBIT tokens during the 10-year mining period. Only 8270 tokens are generated every day. By providing defi solutions created, owned and managed by smart contracts and communities, GBIT provides a chain with intrinsic value and reserves. Gold-backed defi tokens provide token holders with multiple levels of ROI. In addition to rewarding its community through governance tokens, GBIT also distributes value to token holders by transferring a portion of transaction fees and interest income. The launch of GBIT is a compelling new cryptocurrency that can justify its reasonable price.

GBIT token is a next-generation cryptocurrency that combines high return on investment, transparency, liquidity and intrinsic value, and can provide a cutting-edge, value-added packaging token supported by the community.

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