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Win-win insurance

Blockchain + insurance innovation financial win-win insurance

Win-win insurance is also the world's first 5-minute high-frequency dividend insurance. Based on the blockchain insurance algorithm built at the bottom of the global mature EOS public chain, it realizes that insurance and claims can reach a consensus on the blockchain smart contract block. . dividend. Decentralized claims process

Consensus mechanism

Based on the smart contract of the GBIT blockchain, the purchaser's insurance policy is invested, and all holders participate in the consensus encryption digital currency dividend claim ratio within 5 minutes, and are jointly maintained by multiple parties. The chain is stored in chronological order, cannot be tampered with, and is permanently recorded

Claim mechanism

After the dividend is distributed on the GBIT blockchain smart contract block, according to the blockchain smart contract, there is no beneficiary of the block dividend, and the digital currency claims generated on the block will be automatically resolved.

Dividend distribution mechanism

It is the weight of the policy holders of all investment purchasers on the GBIT blockchain smart contract block, the number of encrypted digital currency dividends in the 5-minute block, and the function-based fast random access weight based on the hash calculation method, mapping To a fixed-length hash value, this value transfers the contract to the program for automatic execution.

DAPP system

There is digital currency on the GBIT blockchain smart contract block. The daily insurance purchase amount is reduced by 0.081/day, and the insured will receive encrypted digital currency compensation based on their weight.

Exchange mechanism

The consensus mechanism is 100% cash guarantee, and transactions are based on the Al algorithm block smart contract,


The hash calculation method is based on the number of 5 minute block encryption digital currency dividends and the weight of fast random access based on this function. The policy bonus is 365 days a day. Batch smart contracts will be executed automatically.

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